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Design forALL Types

analyzes our client needs, and tailors simple to complex designs based on client demands, and the competitive landscape.

Attention to detail, ease of use, navigation simplicity, and download times are always emphasized by our website designers.

We can design everything from small informational sites to complex business sites with shopping carts, community features, custom interactive features, content management, and mobile websites. The Laredo Website Company’s web designers possess a complete range of graphical and technical skills for jaw dropping creations that will satisfy our client needs, and beyond.

optimized content across all platforms

       At the Laredo Website Company, we know that not all devices were created equal, however, this does not mean that your website content has to be different.  We design your content in such a manner that it can be viewed in all devices and platforms.


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      All our websites are created using HTML5.  This means that we are using the latest website programming language in our products.  In other words, your website will look great, it will work great, and it will continue to do so in the future. HTML5 is quickly becoming a new standard.  Modern browsers all support HTML5 allowing developers to use all the new exciting features it offers in order to create more dynamic end results.


        HTML5 reduces development time while still providing greater features than its predecessors. In other words, editing and going live is a snap!

          With all that was mentioned earlier, the lightweight visual effects, the support from industry, the support form browser vendors, it is now easier than ever to develop a web site or an web application in HTML5 that can be deployed on both desktop and mobile devices. Content was never closer to the end user and it doesn't matter if you are browsing on your desktop machine, on your laptop or on your smartphone. While the smartphone market is diverging with different supported operating systems and native applications, HTML5 is supported throughout the whole spectrum of mobile vendors thus allowing to deliver content - your product, your service to wide array of customers. And that, that is what matters.  


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